Monday, January 30, 2012

About the author

My name is Patti. I'm a "SAHM"(Stay at home mom) to a "soon to be" 13 year old boy. We have one service dog named,"Token", A recent rescue red dachshund named "Charlie B. Barkin", a cat we rescued last year named,"Jango" and a fish named,"Horatio". Sounds like a lot, huh? I'm a "SAHM" against my will I should say. I worked in the nursing field for over 15 years, but had to retire due to DJD(Degenerative Joint Disease~heredity), RA, OA and my hearing impairment. I guess you could say I"m falling apart. That doesn't stop me from being the best Mama I can be though! It's been just my son and me ever since I was pregnant with him. My ex and I split when ex found out I was pregnant with my son. No big. I've been doing it on my own as long as I can remember. All of our pets are "rescued". Well except the fish, we bought him at "petco". He's ben with us for about 2 years. My son, who I will refer to as,"B" in this blog is the greatest kid anyone could ever, ever, EVER ask for! He's so well behaved and helpful. He does get into mischief every now and then, but what boy doesn't. I used to blog on yahoo360 before they shut down then went to "multiply". I don't like drama so I just stopped blogging over there and hung up my keyboard for a few years. Now I'm trying to make a come back so to speak. I'll try my best and hope you will like what I write. I may not be "grammatically correct" at all times. I think I have conversational ADD. Is that even a diagnosis? My mind goes a million miles a a minute or so it seems. I try to write or type as fast as my mind thinks. It's not an easy task. A few friends of mine started to encourage me to write again. Well, I'll start again and am going to write at least one blog a day. Thank you so much for reading. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or ask me. Take care, Patti <3